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Analog & Digital Drawing by Yuno B. and Works for University of Florida. (©Yuzunoki)

Personal Art History (UF)

ARE 6049 My Art History    Yuno B.

This video is created for the University of Florida, Art Education History class.

When I try to recall when I started drawing, I just loved it for as long as I can remember. I have been drawing and being in love doing do since long before I start going to school. It was not like something I was taught to do. Perhaps my dad was an architect, and his office was in the house, so I may have unconsciously watched him drawing buildings every day. (Blueprint was hand-drawn back then). I was surrounded by huge papers and precise pencils and tools, which might lead me to start experimenting with them. One thing I am certain that made me love drawing more was my great-grandpa’s love. The whole family loved me, but my parents were occupied with daily tasks, and my great-grandpa was the one sitting next to me, watched me draw, praised me, and encouraged me with unconditional love. I feel that being loved and knowing that I was in a safe place to express however I wanted to express in drawing helped me build a strong foundation of my life.  Gentle care from my family made me grow up to care for others.

When I entered elementary school, there was a read-and-draw competition every year, which was to read one book of your choice and draw an impression about the book. I was recognized at the competition a few times, and it was a surprise for me since I thought that drawing was natural for everyone to do.

Last year of middle school, my class teacher happened to be an artist, and she suggested I try to get into an art specialized high school. My teacher stayed after school hours to help me practice drawing to pass the entrance exam. After months of practicing with her, I was able to pass the entrance exam.

In high school, I met a unique art teacher. On the first day of drawing class, my teacher told students, “Be a bird to draw. Not ants, be a bird”. That’s all he said, and he left us in the studio with no other instruction. He only mentioned few keywords in each lesson and left the rest to students; we were confused at that time. It was a unique way of learning, but over time, we learned a lot. He was a great artist, and he knew different ways to draw, and I feel that he could easily explain to us, but then it would be “his drawing style” that students would learn. He wanted us to find our own way and wanted us to gain a willingness to look for our own ways. It was a great lesson not only for art and also for my life, to move forward on my own even when I face the big wall.

When it was time to find a job, I had an opportunity to work at after-school care on the American base in Okinawa. This experience made me more open-minded, interacting with students from a variety of backgrounds and different cultures.

After I left my job, I decided to take classes at the Kyoto University of Art. I graduated from university, and then my husband decided to go to a university in the U.S, and we moved to the U.S. By the time he graduated from UF, we had three kids. Once he found the job, I decided to go for a Master’s in Art Education at the University of Florida to study further in the field of what I love. Also, another reason I decided to go back to school was that the COVID19 hit the U.S, and it was hard for me to go back to work with three small children who easily get sick. It was challenging at first, but we kept moving forward, and everything seems to be working out better. I enjoy doing art projects with my children at home while I’m taking classes. 😉

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