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Analog & Digital Drawing by Yuno B. and Works for University of Florida. (©Yuzunoki)

About Me

Yuno Bounds 

Graduate Student at University of Florida.
Master of Arts in Art Education program.

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Teaching Philosophy and Artist’s Statement

Art is a key to open the hidden doors inside of us. Grow with art, it is a lifelong learning.

I’m from Okinawa(former Ryukyu-Kingdom), Japan.

I worked as an education technician at Children, Youth and Teen program on Marine Corps base located in Okinawa Japan for total of 8 years. My job was to make safe and fun educational environment for children, including making lesson plans, field trip plans, and training new teachers.
While my job was to contribute to whole child education, I specifically focused on art projects, including exchange with local schools.

I had students from variety of countries and backgrounds with various family structures. Japan was a foreign country to most of the American military families, and it was challenging for many of children to adjust to the new environment. Learning about diversity and accepting difference was a necessity for our program. Integrating art in culture leaning allowed us to learn various cultures naturally with fun. Having exchange events allowed us to feel the local culture and gave children opportunity to make local friends. I believed that it was important for children to learn about culture they live in to help adjust to the new environment.

Often, military parent had to deploy from the stationed country, and children had to say good-bye to family member (for deployment) or friends who is leaving the base. I wanted to create safe space for children to freely express themselves and their emotions without any judgement. I believe art allows us to express feelings that is hard to explain in words. We created arts to send them to deployed parents and children created art to express their feelings. Art is a lifelong learning and can be cherished in many ways such as personal enrichment, healing element, self-acceptance and self-expression, connection, flourishing your life and more.

My meaning of teaching art is not all about teaching technical art skills. Instead of teaching student step-by-step how to create certain object, I rather to emphasize on thinking together with children the ways to utilize art in meaningful way weather it is for their own fulfillment or impacting others. I believe that it is important for students themselves to find their own meaning, reasonings and purpose. Technical skills children need for their own expression may vary, and I would do my best to be resourceful to accommodate each child’s needs.  I would love to learn with children, assist them to find their answers and be there for them.

My personal, current passion for art is to express about ocean pollution and eco system through art. I am from small island and grew up surrounded by water, and ocean pollution was obvious, and was in front of me. I may be one small person, but it means a lot to me even if any, one person in this world receives the message and consider about our ocean and precious life of all living organisms.

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