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Community Study

This is the community study for the Globalization and Art Education class(ARE6933) at the University of Florida.

I have decided to introduce the Child and Art Studies course from the Kyoto University of the Arts. Many of us realize that small children are natural artists and believe that art is essential in child development. However, I have noticed that not many educational institutions offer courses focusing on studying the relation between children and art. In many early childhood care settings(age 0-5), currently, childcare professionals make plans and do the art with children. They are professionals of children, but they may not have studied art in particular, which may lead to such as cookie-cutter arts (children make the exact same things under the specific direction.). I believe nurturing the early childhood care providers to be both professionals of children and art is meaningful in having a deeper understanding of the relation between children and art and utilize them effectively in their child development settings

Making Connections.

  • Contact the Child and Art Study program at Kyoto University of the Art via phone or email explain the plan. Phone: 075-791-9122. Address: 2-116 uriyama, kitashirakawa, skyoku, Kyoto city, Japan 606-8271.
  • Conduct zoom meeting with participants (future art teachers) to plan for cultural exchange project using zoom.
  • Study with children about each other’s culture and language (basic ones to greet and have very easy communication)
  • Make picture-based presentation poster (something visually easy to understand because of the possible language barrier.) to showcase about their own culture (or something each student likes)
  • Via zoom, have students from here (U.S Florida) and children in Kyoto Japan show the presentation of teach other’s culture. If time difference becomes a problem, we can alternatively send recorded videos or upload videos on You-tube.
  • Have students make postcard with their cultural aspects, or other creative artwork (preferably 2D art foe shipping reason) that represent their culture.
  • Send the postcard or 2D creation to each other.

Resources for Art and Child Studies program at Kyoto University of the Arts

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